The Masks



Name: Annette A.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: 2012 Passenger in a rollover car accident

Explanation of Mask: I wear tinted lenses so I literally have rose-colored glasses.  I decorated the inside of my mask to show the difference between what people see on the outside and how I feel inside.  The flowers are for the growth I have had while being nurtured by people that love and support me, and every day I am thankful for them.  The horns are for my strength, but also for the way providers sometimes demonize me when I advocate for myself.  It’s exhausting and draining to use my energy this way, and the thorns represent the pain that keeps me from moving forward.  If people stop judging only the flowers because “I look fine,” and just believe me when I say I also feel the thorns, then maybe the butterfly of change and rebirth could fly free.  One day the flowers will get bigger and the thorns will get smaller.  That’s the hope talking – there is always hope!

Name: Lil Sis

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: TBI from black out and fell

Explanation of Mask: The process of dealing with a brain injury has “opened my eyes” to the extreme complexities of the brain and all the things that can go awry with even the smallest bump or jar – or slight stroke – and the unfortunate paucity of professionals who understand the issues and have good resources for dealing with them. Thank goodness for the folks at Alaska Brain Injury Network, Access Alaska, and now the Unmasking Brain Injury project, who are forging a new path to the light for all the people who struggle with brain damage and the folks who care for them. Eye/ nose/ head dysfunctions all come from head injuries.

Name: Undisclosed

City: Undisclosed

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed

Name:  Denise C-S

City: Eagle River

Brain Injury:  AVM hemorrhage 1984, 2nd surgery to remove another malformation in 1986

Explanation of Mask: The white color of the base mask represents how I initially struggled with my identity. My laugh changed, and my voice was altered due to a paralyzed vocal cord so I also felt silenced. Therefore I have a zipper over my mouth. But the zipper is open and a butterfly released as I have changed and grown. Likewise, the color has changed to green (my favorite color) as a symbol of new life. Coincidentally, the color is New Shamrock – I am a new creation but rather than lucky, I am fortunate. I have an amazing family (represented in the faith tree as a genealogy chart) and an Awesome God who I never questioned Why Me? In fact, I always said Why Not Me? Having a loving God and family supporting me, I felt better equipped to deal with my circumstances. It took time to fully come to this understanding, but I never questioned God’s purpose for me. Another thing that kept me strong was the poem “Don’t Quit.” As you see on my mask, I have scribbled out the n’t and qu leaving Do it! That is my motto.


Name: Janice B.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Post Concussion Syndrome for 7 month from Closed Head Injury in winter when I slipped on ice and knocked out.

Explanation of Mask: My mask should be plain – looks like nothing different from the outside – that’s why people cannot tell anything is wrong. But I have made it show what is underneath a padlock for the things I cannot remember. Then blue sky and sun for happy that I am getting better and for time I now get to spend with my family. But then red and lightening bolt for anger and frustration that strikes unexpectedly because my brain is “overloaded”. Dark circles under eyes from tired feeling that comes from too much brain activity. My mask has half smile because I am getting better but half frown because it makes me sad when I am treated like a child. And a single tear for the career I lost. But also for the family and friends that had TBI before me but how sad I am now that I did not understand what they were going thru.

Name: Jessica B.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury:  Brain Tumor – Hemangioblastoma in brain stem

Explanation of Mask: Left side represents life before –> had everything I always wanted – wife and mom.

Middle section –> grey for brain tumors where everything changed –> could have lost it all  : (

Right side –> all the parts of my identity (good and bad) now – feel like I am a jumble of pieces that don’t fit all together. Faith is the key!


Name: John

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Stroke

Explanation of Mask: Mask is in 5 parts – 1st normal, 2nd stroke, 3rd aftermath, 4th finding out about stroke, 5th new beginning

The colors represent what happened and then all the things after!

1st – pink – gold (alive), silver (confident), light green (creative), purple (energized), blue (focus)

2nd Black – stroke (red), fear (green)

3rd Gray – brown (afraid), dark green (dread), orange (fearful), tangerine (scared), yellow (confused), red (anger) and (cheated)

4th pink knowledge, understanding, learning, beginning recovery

5th blue – gold (alive), purple (able), healing and grateful.

My mask is in 5 sections because that was how I felt for years until I found out about the stroke. Now the healing begins and the future is brighter.

Name: Wizard

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Spinal Meningitis x4

Explanation of Mask: The orange side is how I feel, nerves in my brain are jumbled with loose ends. The bubble beads represent the things I have forgotten (brain farts) like how to count money or how to print. Information is confusing and in absurd order. The pain adds to the confusion. The blue side of the mask is how everyone sees me. I look normal. It seems like my mind is in a nice neat bow. I am expected to be as productive as before my TBI, but all is not as it seems.


Name: Undisclosed

City: Undisclosed

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed



Name: Karl E.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Anaplastic Oliodendroglioma brain tumor

Explanation of Mask: This mask represents the social expectations; thus the expressions like a failing clown. Language is a battle; how to say and hear, read and write. “No ifs, and, or buts” is the mental mush. Surgery cut my eye cords. The anesthetized nightmare buried me under binary blankets; suffocating me. The blue eyes reflects the soft blue sky; dreaming of fresh possibilities.



Name: Sigourney W.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Bicycle Accident

Explanation of Mask: Guess I went flower power there with the peace and love bit. My memory is not serving me well to explain the symbolism. This is not a direct result of my injury per se. I created this circa 2017 during much turbulence in my life. 🌪️⚡🌀☄️

If you look at my helmet (yes I still have it after 14 years — a teenager now) the impact does not seem impressive. A circle approx 1 inch in diameter has the plastic sloughed off. No cracks. No battle wounds. Yet it sent me into a seizure, then into the hospital, then into my Learjet-looking medevac and finally into a pediatric ICU. I only know this timeline of events from the EMT who literally saw my bicycle accident happen and then my mom who flew from Fairbanks to Anchorage with me. I was at the ripe old age of 17. And so, yes, this point of impact is marked on my mask by the sun…except it was my right side and not my left.

Oh and my jaw has clicked ever since which may explain the mess of yarn on the cheek. And I cry often due to frustration with symptoms — although strange enough I spent my 1st year of recovery unable to cry. Perhaps the pearls are me being happy my teeth and smile are still intact? Well I also developed a bad clenching issue and fractured a molar. One of the very minor outcomes of my journey.

The feathers and flower could be a touch of flare. (I’m Alaska Native but definitely not the feather-wearing type!) To know that my spunk still peeks out from behind it all.


Name: Undisclosed

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed



Name: Christine

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: of friends (loved one of the brain injured persons)

Explanation of Mask: look in towards one suffering;

look out to world that will affect us all.

loveliness, mystery,

shininess as a trail.

red jaw is resolute,

green leaves as tears show

compassion of trees.


Name: Willow

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: of friends (loved one of the brain injured persons)

Explanation of Mask: Beautiful, complex, mysterious, colorful, shiny yet can’t be explained and understood of oneself and others.



Name: Virginia O.

City: Wasilla

Brain Injury: I feel better every day – my brain is slowly but surely

Explanation of Mask: My mask is showing the sides and the name’s where I’ve been injured. I’ve hit my head, hard on the right side and top of head and forehead too twice, both from car accidents. But I am very strong so I will go on one day at a time. I’m scarred, and wounded, one the top of my right eye. But by the “GRACE” of “GOD” I am still living. It’s hard not to be able to do math or think fast like I used to.



Name: Kayla K.

City: Wasilla

Brain Injury: Multiple falls from a horse

Explanation of Mask: Words and phrases on outside are things said to me from friends, family, social media. Words and phrases are things I tell myself.



Name: Krystal B.

City: Wasilla

Brain Injury: Tourettes Syndrome (ATBI)

Explanation of Mask: My mask represents what I go through on the daily. Headaches, “fits”, pain, etc. Sometimes I feel all alone like I’m on an island.

Music helps me center myself during a bad day. If my anxiety and stress have made my body twitch more, etc.



Name: Marie F.

City: Wasilla

Brain Injury: 3-28-14 I was hit by a drunk driver from behind. I was going 40 and he was going 90. By the grace of God I am still alive and very blessed.

Explanation of Mask: I felt so wounded and lost, because I forgot how to do the things I use to, even showering. I fell a lot and stuttered very bad. My people and friend don’t understand. Some of them say that there’s nothing wrong with me. They don’t understand. I don’t let them get me down. That’s why I made my mask 2 sided. The left side is negative and the right side is POSITIVE, because I am not going let it bring ME down. I am doing much better now and keeping up with whatever comes my way with pleasure. I’m taking the best of everything with a positive attitude.  🙂  Blessed by God in the name of Jesus Christ!



Name: Randy R.

City: Wasilla

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed



Name: Donna S.

City: Wasilla/ Palmer

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed



Name: Miss M

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Mother drank during pregnancy. Diagnosed with static encephalopathy (brain damage from Etoh) Aquired TBI – not her fault, damaged before birth. Small in size, short, low weight all her life. FASD…? TBI

Explanation of Mask: The mask is covered in hearts peace signs, symbols of love, because this is what my daughter is to me. The feathers show she can fly, do whatever she wants to do. The red eyes are for her anger, my anger, her red hot drive to be successful in life. She is successful a single mother of 2, one is a diabetic since birth. As her mother I am guilty of drinking when I was pregnant with her. I was an OB nurse –> in the 1970’s we did not yet know about FASD…. Now we do and NO One should consume Alcohol when pregnant. I am sad about what my daughter had to suffer. I regret what I took from her, making her life harder… She is now 37 years old, beautiful, educated, and working to help other families who have children with disabilities. We have survived, but now I know – If I had to do over again I would never drink when pregnant.



Name: James and Michelle L.

City: Eagle River

Brain Injury: James has FAS

Explanation of Mask: James and mom choose colors for different emotions. Red – angry, mad, frustrated, black – chaos + sadness, orange = happy and pink = calmness/ calming down.

James painted the mask with what he was feeling today about himself + being special. It has been a big hard day for him. The challenges he faces daily and today look like this mask.



Name: Nathan + family

City: Eagle River

Brain Injury: Our son and brother has FAS

Explanation of Mask: “Orange is happy and red is mad.” Sometimes we are so happy but having a family member who has a lot of needs leaves us feeling isolated, frustrated, alone, scared. It can be a confusing dynamic having so much love but also contradicting emotions.



Name: Cheri M.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: TBI – Repeated car accidents visual/ perceptual damage, chronic vertigo, aphasia; memory loss

Explanation of Mask: How to describe what it’s like to live in a world where almost every visual stimulus is an attack – running the gamut from mildly disturbing to dropping me to the floor in a state of overwhelmed vertigo and confusion. The aphasia? Well sometimes it’s just plain funny. Remember – an eggplant is NOT an elephant. The memory loss = scary. My ace in the hole –> MY FAMILY. Which mostly understands; always supports; never fails to make the joke about how absurd life can be. Above all – it’s exhausting.



Name: Katie M.

City: Anchorage, AK

Brain Injury: My mom was in multiple car crashes resulting in permanent neck and shoulder damage and a brain stem injury.

Explanation of Mask: I tried to represent the world my mom lives in. The black band across the eyes is her changed perception, both physically and in the fog of frustration I know she always feels. The swirls are vertigo, the small red marks pain. The blue and green lines are the outside world invading and overstimulating. The jumbled letters represent all her difficulties communicating, and specifically aphasia and word salad. I chose the darkened base tone because this trauma is like a shadow over my mom – as much as it is part of her now, it’s not who she feels she really is.



Name: Kristen and Leon N./K.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Brain Cancer

Explanation of Mask: Let son Leon pick out the colors and where they go, my aunt had brain cancer and I was in denial of it for so long hoping she’d get through it and not believing how bad it was getting and things she done cause of it. She was like a mom and named my son with her same middle name. She taught me all sorts of crafts and beadings. Son and I put together earrings for the mask. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t even know how to make earrings or have an interest in crafts. Always remember her whenever I make something, she sparked my imagination and creativity.



Name: Juleesa and Tyvin

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: My dad had a stroke and was effected by the heart stroke.

Explanation of Mask: My dad had to be med-vac from Nome Alaska to Anchorage, and was effected by the stroke it caused him to lose some form of his vision. Knowing that he had to be flown out and not knowing what to expect was scary. I am happy to have him even though it took a toll on his well being.



Name: Tyleahana M.

City: Anchorage, AK

Brain Injury: My grandma had a brain tumor and had to have surgery

Explanation of Mask: I was always crying



Name: Brianna

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Grandma Sandy

Explanation of Mask: don’t know how to explain



Name: Undisclosed

City: Undisclosed

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed



Name: Undisclosed

City: Undisclosed

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed



Name: Undisclosed

City: Undisclosed

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed



Name: CCM

City: Eagle River

Brain Injury: Car Accident was what brought on my TBI, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.

Explanation of Mask: Having a TBI, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression it is a daily struggle.  The one expression that has helped me get through all of these every day is “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.”  This mask shows no matter what you are going thru that you can get past it and stay strong.  Remember to always talk to someone and stay strong.




Name: MLM

City: Eagle River

Brain Injury: daughter and son with brain injury from a car accident.

Explanation of Mask: No matter the color or gender of a person we all need support for what we are going through or struggling with.

Stay Strong

Believe in Yourself

Stay Positive




Name: Shaun D.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Right

Explanation of Mask: This mask is for my friend Amy, she forgot about today didn’t show up, wandering around lost you probably never meet her. It’s hard to care about things you can’t even remember.




Name: Leticia and Alexander D.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Shaun D. (son’s father)

Explanation of Mask: Shaun D had a brain injury on 2011 and at that time I was pregnant with Alexander. When Shaun woke up from the coma, I had to wait to tell him about my pregnancy. Alexander and I decide to make this mask together and show our creativity. 🙂




Name: Carter Family

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: coma 1980 car rollover with friends.

Explanation of Mask: This describes a mask that is made for my father who sustained traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 1980 that left him in a coma for several weeks.  Luckily he was able to take his mask off returning back to us all.




Name: Autumn G.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: 1980 — Grandpa coma –> car wreck

Explanation of Mask: Cherry Blossom mask to represent my grandpa’s car wreck that he survived.  🙂




Name: Viana R. S.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: I know a teen who suffered from a brain tumor and had surgery. His recovery is rough, but thank God he is alive.

Explanation of Mask: My mask represents who you are.  My mask represents my Puerto Rican culture.  Remember your ancestors  who they are and what they did for you.  Mine represents my Taino Indian culture and my African culture.




Name: Isaiah S.

City: Anchorage,AK

Brain Injury: I know a friend

Explanation of Mask: My mask represents life and death.  Love and Hate.




Name: Marissa S.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: I know someone whose son has a brain injury.

Explanation of Mask: The explanation of my mask is of beauty in nature.




Name: Danielle S.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Tumor

Explanation of Mask: Because even though everything is against you, you have to break through.




Name: Logan E.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: It is a Lion and I ‘m a Leo so it explains a lot about me.




Name: Zoey E.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Full of love and light to help all the kids.




Name: Jen E.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: causes me to have long term memory loss, which can be frustrating.

Explanation of Mask: Bernie Sanders. He is trying to pass a medicare for all law which would benefit all Americans. True hero and revolutionary.




Name: James L.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: TBI

Explanation of Mask: I survived 1 IED explosion.




Name: Margret H-L

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: While roller blading on the concrete floor of my art studio I fell and hit my head. I was hospitalized. I hadn’t worn a helmet. Later, I was asked to be in a “Wear a Helmet” commercial. I was filmed and interviewed and made an infomercial urging everyone who skates, bicycles, etc. to “wear a helmet.”

Explanation of Mask: The title is “Guardian Angel.” The expression is sad, rather introspective, reflecting responsibility for protection and failure to protect. The color blue, the hue of the halo around the face, is symbolic of protection.




Name: Pat C.

City: Ketchikan, AK

Brain Injury: Fell 6 ½ feet landing face first on gravel; rocks. Uncons.  for about 5 ½ months – 1947   facial fxs, spinal fx.  Out of school for almost 2 years.  Retaught at home.

Explanation of Mask: Who the yellow queries.  The key to my gears and ball bearings.  Black shows the loss of hearing, sight and sense of smell.

Who would I have been if this did not happen.  Lived, have a life, loved have contentment and happiness even with the holes.  Still wonder who and what would I have been and done.


Name: Jessi C.

City: Ketchikan

Brain Injury: Rollover car crash  Jan 21, 2006  anoxial brain injury, complete paraplegic

Explanation of Mask: Red for Anger, Black for despair.  The braid for Irish + Native Heritage.  Fish + bubbles for Air.  (word)  Anger in my nose because I am able to breathe fire.  White feathers for Alaska Native.  Tears for not being a Taxpayer, but only 4 tears.  Metal feather for my Eagle Moiety.

North Star for twilight.


Name: Jos G.

City: Ketchikan . AK

Brain Injury: A car accident in Anchorage where the car was demolished.  I woke up 3 days later in the hospital  It took me about 5 years to get usable help.

Explanation of Mask:  The black is the loss of memory that comes and goes.

The white is what was/is left over.  The gray is what has been relearned and recovered.


Name: Janalee G.

City:  Ketchikan

Brain Injury: 20 Ton Boulder came through a Beauty Shop.  Throwing me out of the chair crushing my left leg.  I hit my head on the sink.

Explanation of  Mask: Words and fragments of self doubt would constantly plague me through my years of recovery.  I saw and felt the isolation that occurred from those around me.  My independence stolen from me and my inability to concentrate didn’t help.

Today I am doing much better, but I still have moments where I am my worst enemy.  Today I work hard advocating for others and myself I sit on the city council and several nonprofits  I work on my photography and every chance I get I educate those who need to be regarding the challenges and worth of all of us who walk through life with a disability.  Even through the doubt I know it is just those who prefer to quiet me, and I will not go quietly.


Name: Nadine

City: Ketchikan, Alaska

Brain Injury: Traumatic brain injury  domestic violence – severe damage

Explanation of Mask: Purple is favorite color.  My children’s favorite colors are the hearts.

The black lines show how we are all connected.

Assisted by Merle H.


Name: Charles H.

City: Ketchikan

Brain Injury: Motorcycle accident 3-10-2010  

Explanation of Mask: Making new memories is hard and frustrating.  It is also harder to comprehend and retain details.  Distractions and brain energy can cause me to forget a person’s name or what I was currently thinking.  The top of mask is my brain energy used to question my environment. Confusion that comes with it. “Stop” my constant dizziness and seizures.  Zzzz  is how tired my brain becomes  over stimulated each day.  Right side of face is the empathy and compassion I have gained for people with disabilities.  I am happy with recovery I have achieved and continue to gain.  Left side is the frustration over what I was and who I am now.



Name: Natalie M.

City: Ketchikan

Brain Injury: Domestic, fell downstairs, when little, also fell off top bunk bed ruff on body

Explanation of Mask: Confusion Mexico, USA, partner father of daughter, son, mixed messages try to come to a better strength in my mind and get my daughter back from DHS I have lots of hope to finish what court wants which is treatment  improve my self worth  and be a better parent or parents


Name: Merle N. H.

City: Ketchikan

Brain Injury: Parkinson (brain injury undisclosed)

Explanation of Mask: Parkinson rocked my world 2017 – diagnosed. Went from being a confident, helpful, courageous, decisive, enthusiastic, optimistic, determined, valuable, glorious, glowing, engaged woman on committees, in leadership positions as member of my community to being overwhelmed, fearful, indecisive, horrified, pessimistic, cheated, helpless, ashamed, guilty, isolated, sad, suicidal, anxious, panic attacks, hopeless, surviving, grieving, exhausted, drug addicted (again) after 20 yr clean.  Part of my brain died but I am overcoming through physical therapy, exercise, counseling and faith.  My mantra “I have amazing Resiliency”. Howaa Salaanaa Haida language  Thank You Father GOD


Name: Batman

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Gunshot to the head

Explanation of Mask: The gunshot to the head is represented where the band-aid is. On the mask is the man on top wondering what happened to him, am very determined not be treated or seen as someone, fighting though the reality that it was not true. I lived having feelings that I’m one of God’s special children still here being very appreciative for life. Used the red face for being mad that this happened to me!

Name: Daryl N.

City: Chugiak

Brain Injury: CP

Explanation of Mask: Green means strength to me

Yellow = peace

Blue = warm feelings

Red = danger zone

I used these colors because at different times this is how I feel.


Name: Debby

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: TBI skull fracture 1980 USAF accident: vision changed, severe light sensitivity, migraines, depression, sensitive to sounds, sleep problems, PTSD, nausea, tinnitus. 2nd TBI closed head injury: hyperthermia, epilepsy, gerstrums, loss music, tire easy. more balance, memory, headaches, not able to cope loud rooms, separate voices…

Explanation of Mask:  Inside = before TBI

Lily for Innocence.  Tree for rooted, strenth, family, and dandelion – makin wishes.  Hearts – romantic, loved being with others/ butterfly – free to chase dreams.  Music – wrote, played, loved, school bands, orchestra /  US Flag – love being American, wanted to serve my Country / loved Math – things made sense, it was fun.  After w/TBI –  I am thankful for each day, moving forward.  Camo blues and white: TBI is a hidden disability – I am workin hard to do everthin I do do an get anything done no one has a clue how distracted an hard I work to do anything.  Blues are for depression came with my TBI.  I came to peace. an to accept myself.  White is for hope that never ends.  Camo print to me is like how much things are over my head.  Sunglasses for the light sensitivity.  Earplugs for sound sensitivity and tinnitis, migraines.  Mouth – words don’t work like wish, find. Anchor – faith and my sons kept me anchord, lost lotta connections, forgot so much after 1st TBI my sons kept me going an faith/  Traffic signals – confusing messages, lost connections/ process things slowly / forget/ need things writ down simply.

Name: Tokyo Gool

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: soccer

Explanation of Mask: Tokyo Gool: Anime

Name: Anhelina

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Super Girl (loved one of brain injured person)

Explanation of Mask: Purple color on the head its will be hair. Small blocks it’s power.  The julles are my magic.  The hearts are my kidness. The buttun is my funyesst things.  The golden star on my eye is my superpower.  The black things are bruses and my pin lips are my make up.

Name: Sofia

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Supr Girel (loved one of brain injured person)

Purple color will be her stars will be my magic green and pinc is my in ther eyes

Explanation of Mask: Purple is my my …magic my eyeberaows is purpl red is blud and blue is wuts her name is Domand. Her old is 17. This a masck. This is Sofia N. I will have a brsday and plese com.

Name: Anhelina

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Carnaval stars (loved one of brain injured person)

Explanation of Mask: Carnaval mask

Name: Rae F.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Brain Tumor

Explanation of Mask: Please God bring back my smile and I promise you I will never see another “ugly” person.

Name: The Sultan

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Invase air born spore “bug” resulting in expansion in side right rear side of brain. (Brain injury of loved one)

Explanation of Mask: While working as a lumber jack –  and air born “spore”was inhaled, rested in the brain and grew for an unknown time, great pain endured by this kind loving person for a long time.  Surgery was successful with only one present condition – there is no vision to the left in each eye.

Name: ANI

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Temporal lobe birth injury from forceps use. (Brain injury of loved one)

Explanation of Mask: The confusion he feels of the two sides trying to communicate. The mask worn to disguise the lack of “normal” emotion and processing.  The safety of numbers for centering.


Name: Kadin B.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: My mom had a brain tumor three weeks after I was born.  We learned how to talk and walk together.

Explanation of Mask:  cracks – crack in skull – surgery. soccer balls – four for the family.  tears – are the sadness.  The wide mouth – is for shocked.  The heart – is for love.  The skull is for her brain tumor.

Name: 😉 Buss 2007

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Mom brain tumor

Explanation of Mask: 

  • t = faith
  • red = angry
  • blue = worry and sad
  • fish = family
  • brain = with piece missing = mom’s brain now.
  • grey = tumor

Name: Undisclosed

City: Undisclosed

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed

Name: Undisclosed

City: Undisclosed

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed

Name: Patty

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: due to domestic violence (of a loved one)

Explanation of Mask: A story about Healing and the love and positivity that will soon wash over the world.

Name: Capt. Kirk

City: Glenallen

Brain Injury: Near Death Experience x4

Explanation of Mask: Through the experience of survival —> I would like to say I’ve made it through the Midnight and have come to the Other side —> Into the light, rising as a star in my own right. I still get tired, I still get lost in my thoughts and forget where I am going with it —> I know that through Faith in the process of life I will always be assisted and never alone. I am smart, I am safe and I will save myself and others from the darkness so we can continue to grow and develop the human experience. My Soul family is arising and the tribe is amassing – my Brothers and my Sisters strengthen me and my path.

Name: Camila I.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Grandfather – Fell off his bike from riding and suffered to his head he had a heart attack caused this injury

Explanation of Mask: For the mask I wanted to show a colorful layout to embody the light sources that heal, like the sun that’s why I’m choosing bright colors. The small pieces represent individuality and the small parts that make a whole.

Name: Natasha

City: Ketchikan

Brain Injury: Car Crash

Explanation of Mask: Undisclosed

Name: My Uncle

City: Montana (Mask Made in Alaska)

Brain Injury: Vodka bottle smashed over his head, blacked out and fell hitting his head on several surfaces resulting in many surgeries.

Explanation of Mask: My uncle battles with addiction. He cannot stop drinking, he has been in and out of prison, has had many brain surgeries from his injuries and suffers from a lot of pain and regret. If he continues death is on his lips, but he has the key to stop if he desires.

Name: Lorene

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Tumor

Explanation of Mask: This mask explains when my mother had to go into surgery and wear a mask to not get radiation.

Name: Alyson and her significant other

City: Anchorage, AK

Brain Injury: A concussion from a significant other that was caused by abusing marijuana and a unhealthy relationship.

Explanation of Mask: A Mask of a Loved One

The steering wheel represents a first car accident. The marijuana above it shows the cause of it. The darkness besides it is when it happened. The blue spiral above is the results. Dizziness, headaches, throwing up or feeling sick. The middle yellow road represents anxiety, worry and scared when she drives. The roots show support from her friends and family and the money was from her dad (savings) of $13k. She found comfort in these items and supports. After the crash, she stopped smoking and the relationship with her significant other has strengthened. She recovered from the experience and is pushing forward in her career.

Name: Joseph L

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: I was jumping on my trampoline with my sisters and I jumped really high attempting to do a back flip and only made it half way and went face first towards the metal sides.

Explanation of Mask: On the top right there is blood coming out my head and the top left there is a trampoline kinda showing me hitting my head and coming down my right eye is tears from the pain and blood coming out my nose and on my chin there is a quote. Also on my right cheek there is an ambulance putting me in it to take me to the hospital.

Name: Lauryn R.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury:

Explanation of Mask: The mask represents depression and anxiety. Of how it tears you bit by bit. How it hurts inside. When it feels like no one understands. The bright patterns is me before and the holes mean how people take advantage of me emotionally and physically. I feel like I’m not explaining this right. But my mask represents depression and anxiety.

Name: Wendy

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: All-Star to nothingness.

Explanation of Mask: I was always on honor roll growing up, graduated from Mr. Edgecumbe and went to U.A.A. Had a son who’s turning 5 yrs old this summer. When I lost my family a few years ago, turned my life to nothingness and that’s why half the face is all black.

Name: Danielle G.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Machete to head hospitalized for 1 week.

Explanation of Mask: Ex boyfriend in 2012 didn’t want me to break up with him we were together 2 years. I’d rather not get into the whole story in writing.

Name: Ben M.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Undisclosed

Explanation of Mask: Incomplete.

Name: Chad J.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Substance abuse (TBI).

Explanation of Mask: The mask was created for a family friend that is still fighting addiction. every day. This person has been very dear to me and I hope that “someday (I’ll) Island” be able to help. I also hope that she makes it off Someday Island.

Name: Lee B.

City: Anchorage, AK

Brain Injury: Tumor (grandpa)

Explanation of Mask: Top of head: Still looking for hope. Left side of the face: What he express by himself in sadness. Right side of the face: What he express to others with joy.

Name: B’s Mom

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: damage from seizures

Explanation of Mask: B’s seizures are a mystery; no cause has been found. The puzzle pieces represent this. The lightning bolts represent the jolts his brain experiences with seizures. The “ban doctor” symbol is there because B hasn’t gotten any help from medical doctors. The gold shows the beauty and the value of his mind. <3 The words describe his thoughts and feelings.

Name: Tonia R. M.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Traumatic Brain Injury as of 5/30/07 due to truck accident followed by 11 month of comatosis.

Explanation of Mask: This was Me, that is true. It’s the way I am supposed to be. Gonna let my light shine on You! Years have passed, and I have changed. But, this is Me!

Name: Jill R. D.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Rasmussen Encephalitis – Half of my Brain was Removed

Explanation of Mask: When I look at my mask I feel peace thinking about ALL I have come through and how far I have yet to go. I am still trying to find purpose for my life.

Name: S. O. B.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: I was 4 1/2, when I was pushed off of the landing on the top of an old fashioned high metal slide. I ended  up having my skull fractured in two.

Explanation of Mask: My mask; I am able to lose my fears about myself. I am able to be proud of my accomplishments. I enjoy hearing the praise that others bestow upon me for my work. The markings across the face mean, waves of the sea and of the wind. When I am feeling sad and lost; I go to my favorite memories of being by the sea and enjoying the wind.

Name: Jackson

City: Anchorage, AK

Brain Injury: My dog, Buddy, was beaten severely enough as a puppy that it resulted in residual brain damage.

Explanation of Mask: Buddy is the happiest dog I know, despite his horrific start in life. I am so lucky, getting to share this part of his life. So many abused animals don’t make it to this stage. This type of brain injury is totally avoidable.

Name: Carmen A. F.

City: Kodiak

Brain Injury: traumatic brain injury from a car accident resulting in death.

Explanation of Mask: Alex was an amazing and gifted artist. She loved all mediums, experimenting and above all else she was an Alaskan girl to the bones. She was 22 when she tragically passed away, leaving behind many wonderful memories with her many loved ones. She was in the art program at UAA and grew up in Kodiak. She is missed every day and remembered with love.

Name: Faux A.

City: Anchorage

Brain Injury: Suicide.

Explanation of Mask: a tribute for my relative.