The Masks


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Name: Grace D.

City: Surprise, AZ

Brain Injury: Concussion, memory loss.  Playing a soccer game, got pushed, fell and hit my head on turf.  Suffered memory loss from the start and lost most normal abilities: speaking, walking etc.

Explanation of mask: My mask shows how a brain injury like mine is invisible.  When I get a scratch, you know I have a scratch.  When I bump my head and forget everything, you wouldn’t know.   I care a lot about the way I look, so if I look fine people assume I feel fine; this is not true.  I have a lot of headaches when it feels like my head is on fire, I am always tired and my memory is foggy.  Even though all this is going on, I look like any other teenager.  Looking normal and happy is not the same as feeling normal and happy.  I hope the message shows through my mask.