The Masks


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Name: Bryan A

City: Rising Sun

Brain Injury: I had a severe motorcycle accident July 23rd, 2 years ago

Explanation of Mask: I cheated death for a long time on July 23, 2013.  Motorcycle hit and run accident.  TBI, diffuse axonal injury, strokes, coma, rehab… 

Name: Martin K.

City: Baltimore

Brain Injury:  Hit By A Car

Explanation of Mask: I painted my mask blue because it is one of the colors of brain injury awareness.  The pictures on the mask describe me and parts of my life.  One picture I chose was a picture of a brain with a band-aid and the words brain injury above.  This was the only picture I did not color.  I put the brain injury picture as the smallest and at the bottom because though it is part of me, it does not define me.  The other words and pictures I chose to include are brother, uncle, godfather, husband, friend, athlete, sports fan, father, son, teacher, and advocate.  I colored these images and words because they are part of who I am.  The biggest item on my mask, right across the forehead, is the word survivor in all caps.  All the other things pictured, and so much more, make me who I am.  I am more than my brain injury; I am a survivor!