The Masks


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Name: Lashonda G.

City: Madison

Brain Injury: I have an intracranial brain injury due to a car accident.

Explanation of Mask: September 3, 2007 my life changed. It was a day I will never forget. I was a senior in high school with high standards and great potential.  I was a very athletic young lady. Because of my brain injury, I lost all my hair, I couldn’t walk or talk, and I had 3 strokes. I have overcome most of my disabilities. I am able to walk, talk, and dress myself again. I am very blessed! I thank God for my healing.

Name: Jason K.

City: Mantachie

Brain Injury: TBI, Motor Vehicle Accident

Explanation of Mask: In 1998, I was 23 years old and in a car accident. I was a farmer before my accident so I tried to do John Deere colors on my mask. I am a miracle and lucky to be alive! My family was told to put me in a nursing home because all I would be able to do is sit and rock in a rocking chair. They were WRONG! Through much and lengthy rehab, I can walk, talk, feed myself finger foods, and spell anything you can think of!

Name: Danielle T.

City: Pearl

Brain Injury: Motor Vehicle Accident; TBI- Frontal Lobe

Explanation of Mask: I was in a wreck January 10, 2015. I almost died, but I am left with anosmia, arthritis in my right knee, and scar tissue. I consider this a blessing. I have slowed down and learned to appreciate things. I am closer with my family, who have been by my side non-stop and we are all closer now. I used to enjoy bar-going, but I have not since the accident. I used to smoke, but no more! My ex-girlfriend was driving and we are still good friends. Also, she is now one year sober!! That is worth all the trouble!!

Name: Logan B.

City: Florence

Brain Injury: Motor Vehicle Accident; TBI- Frontal Lobe

Explanation of Mask: I loved to hunt, fish, and hang out with my friends. I used to ride my bike to my friends’ houses; but since the wreck, a lot of them don’t come around. That is why I felt betrayed by a lot of my friends. But Jesus is God, and He brought me through this trial and made me an over-comer. The reason I am an over-comer is because during the coma I met Jesus and He sent me back to Earth to fulfill His purpose for my life. My purpose is to help other people who have been through the things that I have, and to show them that there is still hope in Jesus. The doctors said that I would not live and if I did I would be mentally handicapped; yet I only have a bit of short term memory loss. Jesus is healing me every day and that is why I am excited to be alive!!!

Name: Nicole M.

City: Madison

Brain Injury: I fell six stories from the roof of my apartment building. My prognosis for survival was slim to none. I coded three times in the hospital. At best, I would be quadriplegic with a broken pelvis and back, with severe internal injuries and a head injury.

Explanation of Mask: I was a dancer, with aspirations of dancing on Broadway. I was in the best shape of my life. After seven years of hard work, trying to become the dancer I always wanted to be; I lost it all in two weeks lying in a hospital bed. My heart was beating though, so I knew the hard part was over. Just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, I am a dancer that emerged from my accident. I look at this more as a blessing, instead of a curse. I have a new lease on life and every day is a triumph. 

Name: Matt M.

City: Pascagoula

Brain Injury: TBI/Motor/Speech Disorder from an ATV accident at a deer hunting camp

Explanation of Mask: I graduated from high school in May 2004.  I was anticipating my first year of college with great joy.  It stared in July with football practice at Perk Jr. College.  Football season ended any my favorite sport began.  Deer hunting was a passion as well as a love for the outdoors.  I had been deer hunting since the age of 6.  November 19, 2004 changed everything.  I sustained a TBI after having an ATV accident and I was given a 2% chance of survival.  After spending 7 weeks in a coma, I went to MMRC for rehabilitation.  After fighting many infections and setbacks, I went home 4 months later.  That was almost 12 years ago.  I continue to have many challenges, but remain hopeful I will get better.  It is with hope and faith, as well as the support from my wonderful family that keeps my attitude positive.  I am thankful to everyone who has prayed for me.  I look forward to the future.