The Masks

Neuro Community Care

Masks by Survivors

Name: Ryan

Brain Injury: Struck by a motor vehicle, Stroke

Name: Nick

Brain Injury: Intracranial injury from motor vehicle accident

Explanation of Mask: The blue represents sadness; the pink represents love; the green represents vibrancy.

Name: Lauren

Brain Injury: Benign neoplasm of brain

Explanation of Mask: I had two tumor rejections on my brain stem, leaving me with ataxia and in a wheelchair.  When I first got my brain injury I had a lot of questions : When will I get better? Will I need  more treatment? Will it grow back? And even, What is it? Each question was met with the same response; “We don’t know.” That’s why I chose a galaxy scene for my mask. Space is the great unknown just like a brain injury. The glitter represents the glimmers of hope that I see in my recovery.

Masks by Caregivers

Name: Coming Soon

City: Coming Soon

Brain Injury: Coming Soon

Explanation of Mask: Coming Soon