The Masks

New Jersey

In Partnersip with

Name: Bernice D

City: Hoboken 

Brain Injury: Anoxic brain injury at 46

Explanation of Mask: I love the color pink because it represents my love for everyone. Every day I engage in activities, and work on puzzles. When I accomplish a puzzle I feel a sense of accomplishment, and it makes me happy. The word fabulous represents my confidence, and who I am. I love participating in new and different activities like meeting new people, and going on walks.

Name: Katrina B.

City: Hammonton

Brain Injury: Car accident- hit my head on the window

Explanation of Mask: Blue side – sad of it happening and I lost my job.  Red Side – happy of living and excited to live past a horrible accident.  Happy to have wonderful doctors, surgeons and amazing people around. I have a bracelet – “She believed she could, so she did.”  This is what my mask represents.