The Masks


Name: Hope B

City: Cleveland

Brain Injury: Concussion-mild TBI, post-concussion syndrome

Explanation of Mask: The red side of my mask stands for the anger and frustration that comes with a head injury.  The darker red spots represent the frustration that I feel because my whole world has changed and I am trying to find a “new normal” which is hard.  The yellow side of the mask represents the hope that I have; I believe that I will eventually be able to find my “new normal”.  The tears represent the sadness I have that comes from a brain injury.  It also represents the grief that I have due to having to start over.  I have had to relearn a lot of stuff and it is sad when you realize you won’t be 100% again.  The black pipe cleaners represent the dizziness that comes with a brain injury.  I am constantly dizzy which makes life a fun adventure.  The string represents the nausea that I have every day.  And lastly the explanation marks represent the constant headaches I deal with every day.  Being dizzy, nauseous, with constant headaches is not fun; but I have had to learn to cope with it.

Name: Bob R. 

Brain Injury: Hit by a truck while riding a bicycle in rural Marion County, OH 

Explanation of Mask: This is what it’s like to have hemianopsia