The Masks

South Carolina

Name: John 

City: York

Brain Injury: All-terrain vehicle accident

Explanation of Mask: The camo colors on my mask represent my love of hunting, the peace sign is for my “inner hippie”, and I enjoy fishing….more poles equal more fish!

Name: Joe

City: York

Brain Injury: Victim of a violent assault at age 13

Explanation of Mask: Pain, confusion, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, rage, angst, minority, profiled.

Name: Brooke C

City: Rock Hill

Brain Injury: Motor Vehicle Accident

Explanation of Mask: The dark left side of my mask represents my life before my accident, which was going down the wrong path.  The right side represents my life after my accident, which is given to God and now much more bright.  I owe everything to God and I am so thankful He changed my life and saved me.