The Masks


Name: Justin H

City: Bristol

Brain Injury: Cerebral palsy. I was born this way, but it is still a type of brain injury.

Explanation of Mask: The yellow represents the sun. I love feeling warm. The green is the grass and smelling new cut grass. I love shopping at JC Penny. The flower represents my love of beauty. I enjoy meeting new people and getting out in the community. Every Wednesday I lead Bible class. I feel relaxed, content, strong, challenged, happy, rewarded, and free.

Name: Thomas H

City: Roanoke

Brain Injury: When I was little, I feel out of a window.

Explanation of Mask: I like reading the Bible every day because it inspires me, and gives me hope. I like going to church because I can sing, and take notes, which gives me happiness. I put a picture of the sun because every morning I like to watch the sun come up. When the sun comes up, it reminds me that it’s a new day.