The Masks


Name: Steve B

Brain Injury:  On March 7th, 2005 I was in a head on collision. I don’t remember 4 ½ months, and I have short term memory loss. I broke every bone above my lower jaw. I really struggled with anger!

Explanation of Mask: The maze represents the struggle to re-learn to walk, talk, and swallow, it also represents my new “normal”. The contrasting red + blue represent my old and new “normal”. The “black” eye represents losing my left eye.

Name: Chris J

Brain Injury: Feb. 5th, 2001 collecting mail from my apt mailbox on foot, I was hit by a 69 yr old gentleman w/ emphazema & diabetes so hard I was in a coma for one month. Dr. Mark Stevens, neurosurgeron @ Mayo Clinic Health System, gave me a shunt to relieve the increasing pressure of my brain & prayed for me as he worked. I thank God for him every day. He inspired me to volunteer @ Mayo since October 2001, to present, to help others as Dr. Stevens & the Good lord, helped me.

Explanation of Mask:

  • Spirituality – remains of the “workable” parts of my brain that embrace the Holy Spirit of “good deeds” they inspire in me to help with, bless, & encourage others           facing life challenges
  • Unity – knowing that we are all brothers and sisters here on Earth together, helping, caring for, loving one another
  • Peace – no anger, frustration, embarrassment, anxiety, beyond what I can combat, w/ the Good Lord’s help…