The Masks


Name: Mike M.

City: Palm Coast

Brain Injury: Hit by a car at age 7

Explanation of Mask: Happy for my life; sorrow for the life that was taken from me.

Name: Beatriz R.

City: Miami

Brain Injury: On May 22nd of 2015 I went to the movies with my former boyfriend, when I was driving back home … I was told, that two cars were in the middle of a race.  The first one past me, but the second one hit me at what witnesses said to be around 120 miles an hour.

Explanation of Mask: My mask has the sun beams coming out from, I am always looking for possibilities of the greater good and brightens everyone’s day. Before my accident, God blessed me with the opportunity to work with Dade County Federal Credit Union straight out of high school. In high school I took part National Academy of Banking and Finance. On top of that, I tried to manage a full-time school schedule working towards my AA in Mass Communications. Nature has always been a big part of my life. In the Credit Union, I used to recycle A LOT!!! and I have always enjoyed to sketch a lot… it was my release from work when I got frustrated with members, although some of them were as cute as a button. I have always had a difficult time setting realistic, achievable goals. Unless, I get a Nobel Peace Prize in the next 5 years. Or, a doctorate in the next 10 years. I am still working on that skill; but I am an ongoing piece of work.

… My story is far from over …

Name: Michael B.

City: Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  Accident happened in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Brain Injury: Motorcycle Accident- was hit by a Navy wife that was late for a nail appointment in a large suburban.  3 years in a coma.  I was a nuclear reactor operator on a fast attack submarine.

Explanation of Mask: The red stripe represents my injury/mortality.  The sun and the moon represent how easily I can be happy or sad and how I have good and bad days.  The black eye represents how I can see things in a negative light and the gray eye represents how I can see things positively even on a cloudy day.  The nose bleed represents how money can destroy you if you let it.  I chose silver because there can be a silver lining even on the bluest of days.  I incorporated silver glitter on the blue side to symbolize the silver lining on the darkest days and blue glitter on the silver side to represent there is still bad times even on the best days.