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The mission of Unmasking Brain Injury is to promote awareness of the prevalence of brain injury; to give survivors a voice and the means to educate others of what it’s like to live with a brain injury; to show others that persons living with a disability due to their brain injury are like anyone else, deserving of dignity, respect, compassion and the opportunity to prove their value as citizens in their respective communities.

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Interested in volunteering? We are periodically in need of volunteers to be guides and answer questions while the masks are on display.


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This traveling exhibition is a strong learning experience for everyone, students, parents and everyone in-between. Request the show to come to your school, hospital or museum.

*Show requests are based on availability of masks in your area

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Each $5 donation supplies a brain injury survivor with a mask making kit

Join the Movement!

If you are a brain injury survivor and would like to make a mask to be displayed in our traveling exhibit please submit your contact information below.

Hinds’ Feet Farm WILL NOT share any personal information with any third parties. By submitting a mask, you hereby give permission to Hinds’ Feet Farm to utilize your mask and any images of same and your submitted personal story. Masks submitted to Hinds’ Feet Farm and Unmasking Brain Injury become the property of Hinds’ Feet Farm for the sole purpose of being displayed in the Unmasking Brain Injury events and will not be returned.

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